Contos de ninar

The 2018 Spring/Summer Confetti was inspired by Guga and Tati’s family – parents of Nina, Gil and Manu
Tip Toey Joey
On a ballerina’s toes, dance becomes art From classic ballet to the flamenco, jazz to frevo, maracatu to the waltz, it takes dedication, technique and strength to dance. But on a child’s toes? Dance is freedom! Dancing means moving your body the way you want, without worrying about the rhythm of the music, or if anyone is watching. It’s about creating an imaginary stage, and being exactly who you are.
Tip Toey Joey
“I practice a dance based on bond, love and contact – we focus on expression and communication with not only the world, but the dancer’s baby too. I wanted to create a dance in which those who have never danced before are able to feel comfortable connecting with their body and the baby. I encourage my dancers to form a bond with their baby while still in the belly – this beautiful meeting of the bodies develops a closeness throughout the pregnancy, giving the birth of the baby, and the soul-to-soul meeting between mother and child, a closeness like no other.”


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